“My mission is to help others ‘bee’ healthy, happy and have more energy than ever”

– Gary W. Breisch, The “BEE GUY”

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From SkIing To Surveying to Bees

Gary Breisch with his son, Robert Breisch, in 1981 in the rain, enjoying being. That's the blue and white ski boat and 1974 El Camino in background.

Gary brought adventure sports like waterskiing and snow skiing to Oklahoma, owning a water, snow, and skate shop for 20 years.  He helped survey thousands of properties all over Oklahoma.  In his later years, he helped bring awareness to the community about bees and organic farming.  He stirred the pot in more ways than one…  this world wasn’t always ready for his grand ideas of going 100% off-the-grid.  He either offended you or enlightened you, and sometimes both. Either way, he always helped you see things in a new and creative way.