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LogoSolarElecGBlogo01You may be here looking for Solar, Bee Products such as honey, propolis, beeswax or fresh pollen, Organic Gardening, or Product Development such as Electric Vehicles or any of a numerous list of subjects.

I have created several groups on Facebook so send me a friend request and I will gladly accept it and look up my local groups the start with “SandSpringOK” such as “SandSpringsOK Solar Coop” and then you will fine the world wide groups such as “SolarSchool” and other subject related to the above mentioned subjects.

Groups are the best way on Facebook to share ideas, current events or developments, and easily show the in full color both in text and pictures.  Go to the “Contact” menu at this site to get all my contact information.

With the help of others, mostly, my son Robert and my friend Justin Farrow, this site is being revised.

Welcome, this window is under construction and this site is being revised, however, Gary, now retired from Land Surveying,  plans to add more information about Solar, Gardening, Bee Keeping and related bee products, Electric Vehicles, and various technologies and equipment related to those subjects.

Want Local Honey & Bee Products?

I have this season’s raw honey and it is the best ever for this area.  You can pick it up at my place in Sand Springs, OK. Email or text me when you want some for details.

Solar Panels and Power

I have been busy with Solar projects lately.  See several groups I have created on Facebook and Google+ recently.

First go to and then to and take a look and request to join, then……

I could use some admin to help me create some Solar Coops in other towns radiating out from the origin of SolarSchool and SandSpringsOK. I have created Solar Coops for TulsaOK, MannfordOK, and SapulpaOK so far so how about some more? Let’s branch out to JenksOK, BixbyOK, BrokenArrowOK, OwassoOK, SkiatookOK, ClevelandOK, ClaremoreOK, and beyond in OK and then other States or Countries all over the World. Let’s build from here on out and cover the World with SolarSchool and all the Solar Coops of individual areas around the Globe with Facebook and Google+ You or I can create the group using the name similar to above and describe it as “See - read the Description of the group there. This is a sub-group of SolarSchool.

A comment like “I do not know anyone personally in [PlaceName] area yet who has indicated an interest in Solar Power yet. They are a close as [PlaceName] to the first Solar Coop and SolarSchool created in SandSpringsOK and I want to see if we can stir some interest there of find some one that can be our first seed to plant there. Once you join you can invite, request, and approve others.”

Group Address:

I created a Google+ version of the Facebook version of SolarSchool at which is in a “group” format, like the “community” format of Google+. “SolarSchool Introduction – The idea started with the “Gary W. Breisch Institute of Applied Solar Power Training, Science and Technology” suggested at the site that Gary created in July of 2012. The First Assignment for the group is to send out an invitation to solar equipment manufacturers and suppliers to join in the SolarSchool sponsorship, information, and network growth. Calling all those interested in this project to train others in the process and use of Solar Panels for Battery & Grid Tie Systems to join us in our efforts to promote the healthy growth of Solar Power related systems. The Next Assignment is Outline SolarSchool Assignments and Develop Kits for the SolarSchool. More to come if I am to have anything to say and do about this group……… have fun and get lots done, fellow group and “SolarSchool Team Members” I have not figured out how to put a link to the Google+ community yet but I am working on it. I am very interested in creating sub-communities where the various small community groups and join and have a more local sharing group that they can visit locally in person and trade ideas and produce from their projects for fun and economy growth locally. I created a solar related group on Facebook called the “SandSpringsOK Solar Coop” and the “MannfordOK Solar Coop” but have not heard form other local communities like Tulsa, Jenks, Sapulpa, Catoosa, Skiatook, Broken Arrow or Cleveland yet to name a few locals. I know and suspect there are solar installations there, we just need to get connected to them and the people interested in seeing them or sharing with them.

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